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Fashion and reliable supplier

over 40 yeas , Wide Fancy  has regarded it as its priority to provide outstanding and high quality products with competitive price and the best services. Based on our advanced technology and professional services, we have built close trade relationship on OEM and ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) basis with various foreign brand labels and buying offices.

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Research and Development

Our R&D team drives innovation across all major product lines to achieve the better solutions for higher productivity. They even tailor made the equipment to enhance the work efficiency. The dedicated designer team not only helps our customers stay on top of the latest styles and trends, but also develops products and processes that are greener and more eco-friendly. Our R&D initiatives and applications

As a strategic partner, we grow together with our customers and go deep into their businesses to help them achieve their overall business goals. We believe this is why we have always remained among the top five partners in all our customers’ business.

Wide Fancy
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